Zeena Parkins

All photos of John Zorn by mmpicture

John Zorn is one of my favorite musician, composer, arranger and record producer (tzadik). Seen him with a lot of projects: Cobra, Dreamers, Masada String Trio, Electric Masada, Painkiller, Acoustic Masada, Masada Sextet, Bar Kokhba, Couple projects playing The Book of Angels. Zorn is a prolific artist: he has hundreds of album credits as performer, […]

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North Sea Jazz Festival 2009

Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra Mats Gustafsson – sax Otomo Yoshihide – guitar Alex Dorner – trumpet Cor Fuhler – piano Mizutani Hiroaki  – bass) Yoshigaki Yasuhiro – drums John Zorn as Artist in Residence The Dreamers John Zorn – sax / conductor Jamie Saft – Keys Marc Ribot – guitar Trevor Dunn – bass Joey […]

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