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Marc Ribot Ceramic Dog at the Bimhuis

Marc Ribot Ceramic Dog at the Bimhuis Amsterdam, Netherlands 2013 1. chien de faience: expression: frozen with emotion, as in the perfectly still moment before a fight breaks out. 2. Ultimate kitsch object. 3. A free/punk/funk/experimental/psychedelic/post electronica collective, featuring Marc Ribot (cubanos postizos, john zorn, tom waits, etc etc), plus two of the best young players on […]

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Trys Keturiose by Maarten Mooijman

Members: Daiva Vyčinienė Daina Norvaišytė Eglė Sereičikienė Rima Visackienė Audronė Žilinskienė at Sint Willibrordkerk at Utrecht – the Netherlands Europe Festival Utrecht day 3: Nordic Night by RASA The Lithuanian tradition of women singing together has been all but lost. Daiva Vyčinienė started the polyphonic ensemble Trys Keturiose, which combines slow, intertwining melodies with stately […]

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