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Koby Israelite and Oren Marshall at Music Meeting

The artist in residence of the Music Meeting festival was Koby Israelite. I’m familiar with his music, because a couple of his cd’s are on John Zorn’s label Tzadik.

Koby is a true, multi-genre master, combining his love of Rock, Classical, Jazz, World Music, Avant-Garde, and eastern European roots. He has produced a unique multi genre music that has won him great success, Koby has collaborated with some of the world’s leading names in different genres: from Madonna to John Zorn, from Taraf de Haifouks to Fanfare Chiocarlia. He has become a multi-instrumentalist, particularly mastering the accordion and drums.
From website Koby Israelite 

Oren Marshall is a pioneering player of acoustic and electric tuba who, crossing between classical – jazz – improvised – world music, has collaborated with the likes of  Bobby Mcferrin, Derek Bailey, Radiohead, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Moondog, Charlie Haden, the Pan-African Orchestra and the London Philharmonic.
From website Oren Marshall 

Koby and Oren were also interviewed and they spoke about Zorn. Koby didn’t give a lot information about it. Zorn sended Koby a couple of songs, to record.

Not really a great historical story for a beautiful record in the Book of Angels series.
Maybe he didn’t like to talk about the music. He didn’t give serious answers to the questions of the interviewer. It became hilarious and luckily he played  a lot.

interview Koby Israeltie and oren Marshall

Twee dagen fotograferen op festival Music Meeting

In het pinksterweekend was het leuke, relaxte festival Music Meeting in Nijmegen. Alweer de 28ste editie.
Tot mijn spijt, was dit voor mij de eerste keer in het Brakkestein park.

De programmering is hoofdzakelijk gericht op wereldmuziek en daardoor voor mij veel onbekende namen. Maar 2 projecten waren mij bekend.

Koby Israelite (artist in residence) met Oren Marshall, Ingrid Laubrock met Tom Rainey.
Koby Israelite was ik erg benieuwd naar, omdat ik ook cd’s van hem heb, die op het label (Tzadik) van John Zorn is uitgebracht. Koby stond elke dag wel een paar keer geprogrammeerd. En alle optredens waren zeer de moeite waard.

Hierbij het fotoverslag vande eerste 2 bands in de Hortus op festival Music Meeting. Super zomers!!

Snel volgen meer foto’s

Jaojoby and Régis Gizavo

photo festival Music Meeting

KeKeÇa – Body Percussion


Trys Keturiose by Maarten Mooijman

concert photo Maarten Mooijman

Daiva Vyčinienė
Daina Norvaišytė
Eglė Sereičikienė
Rima Visackienė
Audronė Žilinskienė

at Sint Willibrordkerk at Utrecht – the Netherlands
Europe Festival Utrecht day 3: Nordic Night by RASA

The Lithuanian tradition of women singing together has been all but lost. Daiva Vyčinienė started the polyphonic ensemble Trys Keturiose, which combines slow, intertwining melodies with stately dance movements.

Since 1981, Trys Keturiose have specialized in performing original Lithuanian polyphonic songs Sutartinės, which stand out among the rest of Lithuanian folklore due to their heavy use of seconds, entwined voices, accentuated rhythmical pattern, and the simultaneous sound of two different texts (main and chorus). All these qualities of polyphonic songs require extraordinary concord of performers, a habit of singing together or “sutarimas” (the name Sutartinės was derived from verb “sutarti”– to agree, to accord). Thus, it is not by accident that Sutartinės have always been sung in small groups (2, 3 or 4 women). Nowadays, the tradition of singing Sutartinės in the rural regions Lithuania is dead but various traditional groups from the city uphold the tradition.

The group‘s leader is Dr. Daiva Račiūnaitė-Vyčinienė, known as the “the queen of sutartinės.“ For over 20 years, she has worked on performing Sutartinės songs and reconstructing the melodies that are held in archives. However, the singers do not aim to copy the archival recordings but to create their own sound and provide the old songs with modern meaning.

Trys Keturiose (three of four) are chorus words, which playfully reflect a fluctuating number of performers in the group (sometimes there are three and sometimes there are four singers or three singers permanent and the fourth changes).

Concert photo Maarten Mooijman at Volkskrant newspaper

MMW photo in newspaper Volkskrant

This morning a great concert review of Medeski Martin and Wood by Tim Sprangers of the Volkskrant newspaper.
Photos by Maarten Mooijman (MMPicture). My debut at the Dutch National Media.

Medeski, Martin & Wood by Maarten Mooijman

John Medeski – Hammond, Key, Piano
Billy Martin – Drums, Perscussions
Chris Wood – Acoustic and electric Bass

At LantarenVenster in Rotterdam the Netherlands by jazz photographer Maarten Mooijman (mmpicture)

“The trio’s amalgam of jazz, funk, “avant-noise” and a million other musical currents and impulses is nearly impossible to classify, which is just how they like it. Medeski’s keyboard excursions, Chris Wood’s hard-charging bass lines and Billy Martin’s supple, danceable beats have come to resemble a single organism, moving gracefully between genre-defying compositions and expansive improvisation atop a relentless groove.”

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